Mykia Jovan

So I ran into this woman…..

Mykia performing at Bullets

Mykia performing at Bullets

It was suggested to us that we go to Bullets Bar in the 7th Ward of New Orleans. Kermit Ruffins plays every Tuesday and being that one of the kids was doing his documentary on jazz and music it was recommended that we check it out.  He was crazy and the crowed loved him, but it wasn’t until this girl, this phenomenal young woman, stepped up to the microphone, that we were blown away.

When she was finished and the instructors, Colleen and Becky, and I came out of our daze, we knew we had to talk to her. She agreed that night to give me an interview for my on documentary and from there the rest was history.

Interviewing Mykia at Algiers Point

Interviewing Mykia at Algiers Point

After the Interview she agreed to allow me to film her preparing for a performance.  So I went to her apartment and followed her through her steps to becoming stage ready.

Preparing for the show

Preparing for the show

At her home…

On the way

On the way

In the car…

The Stage

The Stage

To the stage.

Set the Mic…

Ready the Keyboard…

Time for a show!

Thank You Mykia Jovan.


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