quick update

So Wednesday  (day 5) is winding down and there are only 2 days left! Yes I’m kinda excited to say that this project is under my belt and that I was able to handle it and that I have accomplished my first real project but at the same time I do not want to leave the city!  I have been having a blast and I just don’t want the experience to end!! But life continues and I know other opportunities  will come my way!!

I have uploaded another video to my Vimeo page it’s called “See The Light (rough)” and it’s a short rough cut of a story, Armand St. Martin (my main contact) told me about, about getting one of his first guitars! Go take a peak and tell me what you think of it so far. It’s not finished by any means but Thursday night all of us have to present some of our work. Some pieces (photos and clips) that we are proud of, it is sort of like a test or quiz that you would have in any regular class. But also it’s just another way for them to make sure we all are heading the right direction and moving forward.

I would like to also give on last shout out to Armand St. Martin and Patty Lee for being the best contacts anyone could ever ask for!! Last night from 2:oopm to almost 2:00am they stuck with my searching for locations to interview in and they found me people to interview, plus they took me out to the House of Blues for some dinner!! They are simply the greatest people anyone could ever bump into! I truly appreciated everything they have done for me and my project! I hope the enjoy my film once its up and running!

Tomorrow I’m running up to Musicians’ Village to speak with Lisa Dettner the Ambassador for the community project, hopefully i’ll get not only her interview but others who live within the village as well, it was such a great project for the city and for the musical culture the city is known for so I was really lucky to get in there! The story on the Village is posted in previous blogs of mine so you can read further to catch up if you haven’t heard of the project yet!!

Wish me luck tomorrow!!



Liese Dettner, the woman that Robert Green had led me to, from Ryan Brandenberg’s book “Roots Run Deep Here: Returning To New Orleans Ninth Ward After Katrina,” is the Ambassador for Musicians’ Village and she has offered to give me an interview On Thursday Sept. 29th! She will be discussing the story behind the village and she had even said that she would see if any others living within the village would be willing to speak as well! I can not wait to here the stories they have and the music they play!

Armand St. Martin is a fast piano player and one of the few left within the city! I have been speaking with his wife Patty and they have agreed to allow me to interview him and film performances as well. He has agreed to interview on the 28th at 2:00pm and he has said he will find the perfect location for it, with just the right musical vibe. Also every weekend he plays at the Pontchartrain hotel in uptown New Orleans and he suggested I film him there! Currently I am waiting for permission from  Steven Yancovich, the Director of the Bayou Bar within the Hotel where Armand plays, to see if they will allow me to get that footage.  It would be a huge asset to my film if I captured Armand playing live; getting him in the moment and getting his sound for my documentary would make the film! Both  him and his wife sound very interested in my film which only adds to the excitement I have for my project!!

Musicians Village

The New Orleans Area Habitat for Humanity (NOAHH) aided in establishing, along with Harry Connick Jr. and Branford Marsalis, a neighborhood of 72 single family homes and 5 elder-friendly duplexes they named Musicians’ Village.

The core idea behind Musicians’ Village is the establishment of a community for the city’s several generations of musicians and other families, many of whom had lived in inadequate housing prior to the catastrophe and remain displaced in its aftermath.


Together with volunteers, donors, sponsors and low income families they gave homes back to those who helped create the New Orleans sound.  Starting in 2006 and finally ending in 2009, the Musicians’ Village project was hope back to the music artists of the crescent city.

And to top it off within the village they built the Ellis Marsalis Center for Music, which is a performance and education center for musicians both in the village and through the city.  Today it has an auditorium capable of seating 150 patrons and it can definitely boast about its state of the art sound system.  Fully staffed and facilitated the center educates the newer, younger musicians, teaching them the basics and allowing them to grow to their full potential, keeping the tradition of music within New Orleans alive for generations to come.

New Orleans!!!!

hey Ya’ll its Devin,

This blog is going to be devoted to my up coming trip to New Orleans, Louisiana! I am a film student at the Art Institute International Minnesota (AI Minnesota) and this september i am traveling with a group of students (i think there are like 10 of us going) and each of us going, is to create a story.

So far for the trip i am thinking of centering my story around music and the life it has in New Orleans.  NOLA (New Orleans, Louisiana) is considered to be the birthplace of Jazz music and perhaps the earliest and most popular was dixieland or traditional jazz (as it has been called.) However jazz is only one genera that is culturally relevant to the area and because of this my story has potential to become epic in size, so i may have to find a focus within my topic of music to make it fit on your screen.